It’s important at this stage for me to say who I'm not here for. I don’t need to work with people that don't fit my ethos if you fit into any of the categories below you need to head back to google.

  • People with Chronic injuries - you need a physio, I don't have X-ray eyes or miracle hands. 
  • Bodybuilders - I’m sure you stopped reading a long time ago but if your still here get in touch I can point you in the direction of some World Champions both male and female who will happily take your money
  • Motivation - If you need me to motivate you this won’t work. I can give you all the advice in the world along with Antony Joshua’s workout plans and Arnold’s diet regime but if you don’t want to do it I can’t help you
  • Mark Wahlberg Fans - come on really....?
  • Early birds - I wont be in the gym before 8am. I need my beauty sleep, this isn’t lazy, if i cut my sleep (essential recover time ) short, I often give less than my best which is unacceptable to me and you I’m sure - if you wish to train at 6 or 7am and don't know anyone drop me an email and will point you in the direction of experienced Trainer who likes to get up before the Milkmen.
  • Quick fixes - “Nothing worth having comes easy” “Rome wasn't built in a day” the list of phrases is endless, pick your favourite, regardless if you think I can work magic in 1 hour sessions once a week we have no chance of getting anywhere.
  • If your looking for a deal - I am in High demand (I’m good at this) my prices are set and my time is Limited, don’t waste my time or by trying to undermine my value.

If none of the above apply to you and you are ready to make some amazing changes follow the link below.