Why I love the hip thrust

Good Glutes are gold at the moment! with Instagram awash with “models” PTs and everyone who’s been to the gym a handful of times posting pictures of there Ass. Everyone wants the fashion accessory of the year.

One of the best ways to make your bum grow is the hip thrust.

If you didn’t know the hip thrust is the exercise performed with your shoulders on a box, feet on the floor and a barbell over your hips. From the start position, you push your hips to the ceiling, making your body into a bridge. Then lower slowly without letting the weight touch the floor, repeat. 

The move targets the muscles in your bottom (Glutes).

I get all my clients to perform it, male or female. If weight loss or muscle gain is your aim.

For females, it’s great for building curves and burning calories.

It’s a million times more effective than box jumps and safer,  I’ve seen a few knee injuries with ladies doing box jumps. At uni we call it poor landing mechanics, in the real world we call it sloppy technique.

Hip thrusting is great for beginners, there are fewer things to worry than deadlifts and squats which require lots of practice to perform correctly, often inexperienced users can use too much lower back and end up injuring themselves. Deadlifts are complicated, especially at the start of your gym journey.

I like the hip thrust as it has zero requirements for grip strength which is essential to a deadlift technique and ladies often struggle to hold on to the bar especially if your gym doesn’t have a small diameter bar.

The hip thrust makes it simpler to work the muscles in your bum, often when doing squats your thighs take over and your bum doesn’t contribute anything over to the movement. Often with beginner squatters their form can be compromised their knees collapsing in (not as bad as it sounds but still not good) this can lead to some injuries in the future – by simplifying the action we can get the bum working hard and stop you from hurting yourself in the future ->just do a hip thrust!

I have a 64Kg client thrusting 130kg now she didn’t get up to that weight overnight but she sure as shit didn’t start with a five-kilo plate! and she gets positive comments from the other trainers on her shape.

This move builds strength in pro athletes in loads of sports there are 100’s of videos on youtube of professional athletes from rugby to American football and they all have big bums and can run really fast.

The hip thrust is not the be all and end all of Butt building, deadlifts, squats and leg press are all important but for a beginner for me, they are gold.

Repetitions and sets can vary from goal to goal, for beginners aim for 3 sets – if you can perform more than 12 repetitions add more weight.

Five steps to Glorious Glutes

  • Buy a bar pad – they’re about a tenner messing around with mats is impractical.
  • Get a box – rest your shoulder blades on the box when you push the bar up try not to slide up to your mid back, definitely keep off your neck!
  • Get a bar, one of the big ones
  • Put a big plate on each side, deadly serious.  minimum 10kgs – the big ones are important for getting the bar over your hips. without a roll, it makes it awkward
  • Move your feet, some people don’t feel these straight away so walk your feet wider than hip-width than activate your bum muscle more.

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About the Author Ross

Ross is a Sports and Exercise Therapy Student, he has 12 years experience working in gyms across the country. Recently he has collected qualifications in Pilates, sports massage as well as Precision Nutrition. In his spare time he likes to convince his friends to travel Europe.

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