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This Blog is taken from several emails I sent to my subscribers.

The old stereotype is, that girls don’t do weights, they just do cardio and classes. I don’t think this is true anymore. I’ve seen an increase in girls lifting over the last few years – thanks to the rise of “Instagram fitness models”.

The problem is, they’re promoting cables and elastic bands, which are good for the little muscles around the hip, but to actually build a booty you’re going to need to add a few dead lifts, squats and hip thrusts to the mix.

I understand that with big moves comes big responsibility and they seem daunting at first. But isn’t wasting time and doing the wrong exercise equally as daunting?!

My job is to get you to do the right thing for your goals, safely.

By saying goodbye to the little moves and saying hello to the big lifts, you’ll benefit in the following ways;

· Better posture – pull your shoulders back right now!

· Faster metabolism – you can eat more food for less effort

· Lifting is more interesting and varied than repetitive cardio

· Time – 45mins of good weights beats and hour of treadmill and elastic things every time

· Builds your curves in the right places

We’re now talking about cardio, and why too much is always a bad thing!

Lots of trainers hate cardio machines. I wouldn’t say I hate them, but there are far better ways to look after your heart and burn calories that don’t involve being on a stepper for an hour every night.

Getting up at 5.30 to go to the gym is lots of people’s idea of hell, mine included. That’s why the alternatives I give to my clients are designed to fit around their lifestyle families and friends. Try the following activities if you’re looking to get your heart racing whilst also keeping your sanity;

· Netball; Great cardio, highly social and lots of crossover – multi direction activity will develop balance and co-ordination much more than reading a book on an exercise bike

· Hiking; who doesn’t love the great outdoors? Being outside is great for destressing and we are blessed in Leeds to be on the edge of some great scenery! Swap your night out with friends for a nice brisk walk – you won’t regret it the next day!


Bike riding; getting out of town on a bike is great exercise – pick a nice destination, get your helmet on and your legs going. And if you’re reading this and thinking “I don’t own a bike and don’t want to buy one”, there are plenty of shops in Leeds that rent bikes for the day!


Commuting; getting around can burn calories in exactly the same way walking on a treadmill can. Think of last week, could you have walked to the shops, walked to a station or bus stop? All of these extra calories add up and can save you a gym workout, giving you more time to see family, friends or go on dates.

· Boxing; An excellent form of exercise with fantastic stress busting benefits

The list is endless, and I’m sure you can think of plenty of examples of activities you can indulge in to burn a few extra calories and don’t require 2 hours in the gym.

Now, to conclude my training series; if, after all my emails, you do actually enjoy the exercise machines, then here’s a great workout for you;

· Treadmill – 3mins – fast

· X-cross trainer – 3mins – high level

· Bike – 3 mins- fast

No break, straight on to;

· Treadmill – 2mins – fast

· X-cross trainer – 2mins – high level

· Bike – 2 mins – fast

No break, straight on to;

· Treadmill – 1min – fast

· X-cross trainer – 1min- high level

· Bike – 3mins – 1 min -fast

The key is to move quickly between machines, the variation of the swapping between machines will cause more adaptation and you’ll see benefit in no time.


What is HIIT? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In recent years, it’s become very popular with trainers who have seen great results from it. High intensity refers to the body working hard. It means training at 80%+ of what the body can do.

Examples include;

· Sprinting as fast as you can

· Riding a spin bike on the high level for 1 min as fast as you can

· Constant burpees for 30secs-1min

· Squat jumps

· Pushing a heavy sledge/object a long distance

The Interval refers to a break that lets the body recover slightly, then repeating the exercise over again for a number of sets.

With HIIT you don’t have to do the same exercises each time you train. You can mix the exercise and body parts up – for example, press ups for arms, squats for legs. If you’re looking for quick results that are guaranteed to stay as long as you put in the work, then HIIT is perfect for you. It may take a bit of time to perfect each routine, but that comes with anything in life. The key is to practise until it’s perfect – don’t lose confidence and give up, keep persevering and your goal will be achieved.

Below are a few HIIT workouts I do with my clients;

· Squat jumps x10 – to work the legs and increase the heart rate

· Push ups on knees x10 – to sculpt the arms and develop the core

· Trx Row x10 – this is a pulling exercise for biceps and posture

· Sprint 50m – rocket the heart rate and work the legs

• Walk back for recovery
Repeat series 3 times
You’ll get a big rush by training like this and you’ll be able to feel your heart and lungs working.
Did you know? When you train at high levels it takes your body longer to recover. This recovery uses calories, so you’re actually burning energy more and more as you travel home and start cooking your tea? I hope you’d agree that this method of training is a bit more interesting than doing a 10K on the treadmill for an hour. As always If you want to discuss how we can improve your training and nutrition get in touch.

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Ross is a Sports and Exercise Therapy Student, he has 12 years experience working in gyms across the country. Recently he has collected qualifications in Pilates, sports massage as well as Precision Nutrition. In his spare time he likes to convince his friends to travel Europe.

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