“I was a pig last night…

……now I feel like I’ve undone everything.”

This was a text I received from a client – it wasn’t the first time I’ve been sent a message like this over the years and I’d put my last penny on the fact it won’t be my last.

When I receive a text like this I often think, whats happened? Fearing the worst, I think; 10 tubs of ice cream, 3 burgers, a pizza, fish n chips all washed down with a gallon of white wine over the last few days. Upon enquiry the “piggyness” equated to 1 burger king and 1 donut. Hardly the end of the world given that this client had been immaculate in her application of exercise to her life over the past 8 weeks since she started with working with me. She trained solo 3 times per week, has netball on Thursdays and often hikes at the weekend missing a session very occasionally. Combined with the fact her eating and food choices are way better 99% percent of the time (Omelettes for breakfast, prepared lunch for work, never a meal-deal along with meat/fish plus veggies for an evening meal). Was I bothered about the Burger King? Nope! Not one bit.

There are coaches who preach that food is only made up of fat, carbs and protein and as long as you hit your target of the macro nutrients listed your body will look the way you want it to look, regardless of what quality or source you eat. Burgers fit in to this frame work, anything does – hence the name flexible dieting.

The way I work with my clients is to set them weekly goals around behaviour “Eat the breakfast I’ve asked you to eat 4 out of 7 days” “make sure you do a big shop every week” these actions often have a knock on effect for the rest of the week, heck if you want to pay me ( and i’m not cheap)  and still eat like a 10 year old then you have problems i can’t help you with.

After these tasks fit into place ask my clients to cook an excess for their evening meal and take it to work the following day. This saves time as most of my clients are busy, who isn’t? Often they cant’ get out of the office at lunch times, by having  healthy food with them they can control their hunger much better which is important. Lets face it, who makes clever decisions when they are hungry?

This isn’t an extensive list of all the tasks i give, everyone is different, there is never a one size fits all approach when it comes to eating and cooking habits.

The client above was as mentioned smashing the life out of her exercise and nailing every one of the tasks I’d given her nutrition wise. so was I mad that she ate a burger? I couldn’t care less, I’m really looking forward to seeing the difference in her measurements and progress photos.

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About the Author Ross

Ross is a Sports and Exercise Therapy Student, he has 12 years experience working in gyms across the country. Recently he has collected qualifications in Pilates, sports massage as well as Precision Nutrition. In his spare time he likes to convince his friends to travel Europe.

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