Personal Training FAQs !

Do I need to be fit to start ?

Absolutely not, the sooner you start with your trainer the better. I hear “i just need to lose half a stone before we start” quite regularly then the speaker will go off on to a treadmill for hours on end drinking lucozade sport – this needs to stop a good trainer will get you lifting weights to increase muscle mass which will boost your metabolism and help loose weight and keep it off – they will also tell you sugary sports drinks will seriously impede your weight loss attempts.

Do I need to eat Chicken and Broccoli everyday to get in shape ?

Nah mate, Will Chicken and broccoli help you perform better and improve your body composition yes absolutely but it gets very boring very quickly. I encourage my client to have as much variety as possible by mixing protein sources fish, turkey, steak,  prawns as long as its the best quality you can afford, and as for the broccoli – yeah its benefits are endless, but after a while it can be tough to stomach so mix up those flavours and colours along with cooking styles to break there boredom.

  • Lemon Salmon with asparagus and spinach
  • Turkey stir fry
  • Sushi (when on the go)
  • Homemade Steak teriyaki

are examples of meals with a good protein source and a a veggie portion all much more interesting and tasty compared to chicken and broccoli, Yes i Know we see lots of body builders eating the old CnB but they are very dedicated to a sport and achieving a certain look – if you wanna live like a monk do it !

Will you motivate me ? 

Nope…. if you are not motivated internally we will struggle to work together. I will encourage you in every session to give your best and will stand next to you in tough times -> but I can’t hold your hand when you need to go do a big shop to fill your fridge with Nutritious food -> I can’t make you do a workout on Sunday when you want to watch football instead -> and if you a regularly late we have no chance of getting any where.

This doesn’t mean i won”t help you, I always ask every client every session if there is anything else i can do for them – programme, recipes etc. You must bring your own purpose to train.

  Is it Expensive ?

Yes and No. This is dependant on how you value time and money. Tattooist often say “Good work isn’t cheap – Cheap work isn’t good”

You can go pay 5 quid a session to go run round the local park to be shouted at by the instructor (they are not a PT they are working with a group) but if you get covered in dog shit and only do Burpees and bench step ups the results wont stick.

Same with Slimming world – 1 question, is the group leader in good knick? £3 quid “don’t eat sweets” thanks

You go get some results but then stop going and everything falls to bits and 6 months later you are back to where you started, if not worse. paying for something that doesn’t work is expensive.

Now if you buy a package from me or another experienced highly qualified Personal trainer. they sessions will be above 10 times more than weight watchers. EXPENSIVE !!!

but if it works (and it does) if you feel, perform and move better not only in the gym but in life. The lessons you learn on Nutrition and training will benefit you and your family’s health for the rest of your life I would say that there is no price you can put on that.



Always 2 more reps!

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Ross is a Sports and Exercise Therapy Student, he has 12 years experience working in gyms across the country. Recently he has collected qualifications in Pilates, sports massage as well as Precision Nutrition. In his spare time he likes to convince his friends to travel Europe.

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