Hopefully this blog will put you to sleep in record time.


Sleep is mega important recovery gym wise – but essential for health, performance and mood.

Here I’ve listed five tips to try, before sleeping tablets/drugs

Use a foam roller before bed, if you are training regularly you need to roll for 10mins a day  regularly for maintenance. If you do your roll out before bed will release lots of tension.

Hot shower/bath which every you prefer the body can’t help but relax in warm water this helps with switching off at the end of the day.

Switch off your phones/electric gadgets, reading from a bright screen will not help you sleep, the bright light tells your “caveman” brain it’s still day time. Electric gadgets  also give off magnetic fields that effect your body negatively these prevent deep sleep. Most people use their phone as an alarm clock which is fine but ensure you put it on flight mode. Try stay away from social media before bed to, think of the quality time we lose in youtube worm holes ->  THIS INCLUDES UPDATING YOUR STATUS, TELLING PEOPLE YOU CAN’T SLEEP – THIS WILL NOT HELP YOU SLEEP!

Deal with your problems – I’m not an expert on the brain and thinking, but hey take some action if your mind is working overtime as soon as your head hits the pillow. Kill the worry.

Hydration and late night brews – be aware that if you’re necking liquids before you go to bed, theres a possibility that you might need to get up to pee in the night thus breaking the deep sleeps.

Fresh air – crack a window, your body needs oxygen to relax. Sleeping with a partner will make your room extra stuffy to so doubly important then.

Darkness – invest in some good curtains or blinds, to block out the street lights they keep your “caveman” brain awake and alert. turn off or cover electric LEDs that have the same effect, I’ve never tried eye masks but some of my clients have had good results with them

Shock horror – maybe try  some carbohydrates like rice or potato(as long as they fit with your eating plan). Carbs give you a nice happy feeling, the start off the snoozing process, well all feel that “Carb coma” sugar crash, lets use it to our advantage.

Try em let me know if they help




About the Author Ross

Ross is a Sports and Exercise Therapy Student, he has 12 years experience working in gyms across the country. Recently he has collected qualifications in Pilates, sports massage as well as Precision Nutrition. In his spare time he likes to convince his friends to travel Europe.

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