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Think I’m a liar?

So I’m always going to big myself up – nothing wrong with a bit of confidence is there? When my client Tima asked if she could do a piece for her website on our sessions I thought it would be a good idea. Click here to see the results  And if you want to jump […]

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Catching Feelings

This may surprise you to read, but my job as a personal trainer is not to make you squat perfectly or run a 10k in record time.  Weight loss and dropping dress sizes are the stepping stones to what you want – which is ultimately to feel good whether that is confidence, self-esteem or general wellness. […]

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Hopefully this blog will put you to sleep in record time.

  Sleep is mega important recovery gym wise – but essential for health, performance and mood. Here I’ve listed five tips to try, before sleeping tablets/drugs Use a foam roller before bed, if you are training regularly you need to roll for 10mins a day  regularly for maintenance. If you do your roll out before […]

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