Catching Feelings

This may surprise you to read, but my job as a personal trainer is not to make you squat perfectly or run a 10k in record time. 

Weight loss and dropping dress sizes are the stepping stones to what you want – which is ultimately to feel good whether that is confidence, self-esteem or general wellness.

If you are reading this the odds are low that you will make it into the Olympics, but I know you want to feel comfortable when you next go on holiday or to a wedding (maybe your wedding).

Whenever I meet a potential new client they all tell me the same thing, “I would like to lose this from here and that from there, make this bit firmer” all the same. 

 I always reply with one word; WHY?

Why do you want a flat stomach? 

Why do you want a bigger bum? 

Sometimes, what will happen if your arms are more toned? 

I call this “peeling the onion” –  breaking through the layers to find what the real motivation behind why they are in front of me asking me to help them, these reasons are interesting:

Get a boyfriend/partner

Keep my husband 

Feel comfortable when i go out 

Show my ex what they are missing out on

Be happy in my skin 

Because my mum said I was ….. 

Some are carrots, some are sticks but often these feeling a powerful and deep lying, tears often follow during this conversation. 

Let me break it down like this homegirl, if you don’t have a strong enough “why” to be in the gym it doesn’t matter what programme I write or food plan I set you up with. You will always find an excuse to stay on the sofa and order a pizza if you are not fully committed

My website, it says don’t contact me if you need motivation when people say they need motivating they often come in for 3-4 sessions, huff and puff about having to do work. Then disappear without reason or having achieved anything. 

The takeaway point here is get in touch with your feelings, they are powerful and will drive you to do anything, anything.




About the Author Ross

Ross is a Sports and Exercise Therapy Student, he has 12 years experience working in gyms across the country. Recently he has collected qualifications in Pilates, sports massage as well as Precision Nutrition. In his spare time he likes to convince his friends to travel Europe.

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